Stud Poker Games: 7 Card Stud.

Stud Poker games are different from the draw poker games. In the stud poker games every player gets their own hand. You accept the cards in a mix of face down cards (hole cards) and exposed, face up cards. There are no redraws.

In the popular versions of the stud poker games, each player receives either five cards per player or seven cards. In both cases, you have to use your best five cards to make the best poker hand you can.

By adding wild cards, including high and low pots, or changing the number of the hole cards, you can come up with an endless number of variations of Stud Poker. Some of the stud poker games played in the casinos or the online casinos around the world, use less (or more) than five cards.

7 card stud

This is an example to a stud poker game, we could have described a 5 card poker stud in the same way. The only difference is the number of cards you get in the beginning of the game.
The 7 card stud is a popular tournament game. After placing the ante, each player is dealt two hole cards, and one card face up.

The first initial deal is also known to be called the third street. Subsequent face-up deals are known as fourth, fifth, and sixth streets, respectively.

After the initial deal, there is a betting round. In subsequent deals, three more cards are dealt face up to each poker player, each one at a single time, with a betting round between each one of the deals. Finally, another card is dealt in the hole to each player. This seventh card is known as the river.

There is another one, last betting round before the big showdown. You must try to create the best five card hand you can out of the seven cards. Remember: there is no board, nor community cards, in 7 card stud, each player with his own cards.

5 Card Stud:

In the 5 Card Stud each player antes, and then a single one card is dealt to each player, faced down. This is obviously the hole card. The second card is dealt, face up. This deal is followed by a round of betting.

A third card is dealt facing up, again followed by a round of betting. Then a fourth card is dealt followed by another round of betting.

Finally the fifth card is dealt, followed by the final round of betting and the big showdown.

More Variations of the Five Card Stud:

Mexican Rollover

In this game the first two cards are dealt face down. Each player has the option to expose the card of their choice. A round of betting takes place.

After that a new card is dealt to each one of the players. You must pick a card to expose, you can choose to expose the new card, or a card already in your hand. Once every players has made their decision a round of betting takes place. The game continues like that until the showdown.

Mexican Stud

In the Mexican version of the game, each player is dealt two hole cards initially. The players choose to expose one card, and keep the value of the other cards hidden. This hole card then becomes a wild card for that player.

Other cards of the same rank also become Wild. Each additional card in the hand is dealt face down, and players are forced to choose which card to expose and which to use as a wild card.

Three Cards Stud

All the players ante, and are dealt one card face down. A round of betting takes place, followed by the next card which is being dealt face up. Another round of betting takes place, and the final card is dealt, face up. Then comes the big showdown.

Hands are ranked for this game like this: Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, flush, Straight, pairs, high card. for more info about poker, read our poker strategy and poker glossary pages.