Poker strategy

Regardless of the specific poker game you are playing, there are several keys to being a successful and profitable poker player. Please read the poker strategy that we have prepared for you, so you will start earning real money playing online poker.

Important poker strategy

1. Be conservative - Poker players, and even entire poker games, can be described as either tight or loose. A loose poker player stays in every hand until the showdown, bets and raises with any kind of hand, even mediocre hands, and generally loses more money than he makes from the poker game. A tight poker player folds most hands before ever making a single poker bet. The tight poker player does not spend money throwing chips into the pot to save earlier bets. He knows that a bad hand is a bad hand, and he will skip playing it.

Tip: Poker is a game of patience. Good poker players know that they will lose little amounts of money on many hands, while waiting for the right hand to come along and win a big one.

2. Play fewer rounds - You should only be playing about 25% of hands which is a cardinal rule of online poker that nearly everyone violates. If your hand is not good enough- don't play it.

3. Know the odds - You don't have to be a mathematician, and there is no need to memorize long tables of statistics and poker strategy. Just be observant and try to assume how many cards of each kind are still in a deck.

4. Know when to be aggressive - It is most certainly possible to play to tight. When a good hand comes along, go for it and raise, and then raise again. That's when a good poker player will earn his money.

5. Don’t call – if you should be aggressive some times, than be aggressive which means betting or raising. Calling means someone else is in control.

6. Bluff rarely but do bluff. A bluff works best when no one expects it. The other players won't expect a bluff from a conservative type player, or from a poker player with a never bluffing reputation. You must bluff occasionally, though. Otherwise, the other players will know you have a good hand any time you bet aggressively, and they will fold any time it happens.

7. Weigh cost against the pot - in some cases you might have a hand you wouldn't normally play with. Although, If you have stayed in the hand, and you are close to the river, consider how much is in the pot versus how much you have to call in order to stay in. If it will only cost you 5 more dollars to stay in a hand with 250 dollars in the pot, it's definitely worth the risk. You could lose with that hand 50 times, but if you win it just once when there is a significant pot, you will make good money from playing poker. Don't ever be afraid to quit. A good fold will save you more money than a good bet will make you.

Now you know more poker strategy than 95% of the poker players, want to start playing? Play poker.