Ranks of poker Hands:

Poker hands are ranked according to the odds against drawing them. The rarer a hand, the stronger it is. For example: to get a royal flush playing poker is very rare, that is why the royal flush is the strongest hand.

In some poker games players use an alternate poker hands, but the rank of the hands, which is shown below is the standard, this is what you will find in most online casinos and poker games. Hands that are tied in terms of rank are decided based on the highest card in the specific poker hand. A Pair of Kings always beats a Pair of eights, and a Straight 8-9-10-J-q beats a Straight 3-4-5-6-7. This is the basics of the poker rules, this is how it is being played in online poker casinos.

The lowest possible hand you can have in a poker game is no hand at all. For example you can have a hand with not a pair even. It does not mean you will not win the hand, you can always bluff. This kind of hand is known by the highest card which it contains, so K-8-2-5-7 all of different suits would be called "King High.

The lowest actual hand is a One Pair, made of two cards of the same value and three unrelated cards. For example: if you have two 5 and three other cards, your poker hand is a pair.

The Next hand in the poker ranking is the Two Pairs: two cards of the same value and another two other cards of the same value, and one unrelated card which creates a two pairs hand.

The next hand is a Three of a Kind, for example: three 8 out of the five cards in your poker hand. Three of a kind beats a Two Pair. Three cards with the same value and two unrelated cards sometimes referred to as a Set or Trips.

Just above the three of a kind there is the Straight, made of five cards, with any suits, in an uninterrupted order of value. They do not have the same suites. An Ace can be either the low card or the high card in a Straight poker hand, but you cannot build a Straight between a King and a Two. In other words, A-2-3-4-5 is a Straight hand, but Q-K-A-2-3 is not a straight poker hand.

Just above the Straight in the poker value ranking there is the Flush: five cards of the same suit, with any value.

The next one in the poker ranking is the Full House. A Full House is basically three cards of the same kind plus another pair. A Full House made of three kings and a pair of Sixes would be referred to as "Full-house, kings over Sixes.

The next one in the ranking is the Four of a kind. The four of a kind is a rare hand, especially if you are playing without wild cards in the game. This hand consists of four cards of the same value, plus one unrelated card. For example: four 6.

The second strongest hand in a poker game is the Straight Flush, which is really a combination of a Straight and a Flush. This hand is made up of five cards of the same suit, in uninterrupted sequence. For example: 8-9-10-j-q of the same suit.

The almost legendary Royal Flush is the rarest poker hand of all the poker hands. Actually the royal flash it's just a Straight Flush with an Ace as the high card, but because it is an unbeatable hand in the poker game, poker players usually consider the Royal Flush a hand with its own category. Specifically, a Royal Flush is five cards of the same suit in an uninterrupted sequence that leads up to the Ace: 10-J-Q-K-A, we hope you will have a lot of those playing poker.

Now that you are familiar with the rankings, want to start playing poker? Play poker