5 Card draw poker:

Draw poker games are widely known as the most popular among the many types of poker games. This is a poker game that can be played with as few as 3 players and as many as 7 poker players. The draw poker games mostly played with the cards not exposed so there is much less psychological games, because of that the draw poker games are considered more friendly for beginners.

Each game begins with each player being dealt 5 cards. Unlike few of the more popular poker games today, all five cards of the players are dealt face down. There are no community cards or cards visible on the game board that an opponent can get a read of, which lowers the amount of skills needed to win. For the moment they are completely in the dark.

After the initial deal, a round of betting takes place. Players can select up to three cards in their hand that they wish to exchange for new once. Once the cards are selected, they are handed to the dealer, and the dealer replaces them with new cards. If you are happy with the cards in your hand, do not exchange any cards at all and stand on the cards you were dealt.

Once everyone got their new cards, a second round of betting takes place. At this point a number of players will probably have folded from the hand. If there is more than one player who stayed in the hand, there will be a showdown. During the showdown each player shows their hand, and the winner of the round is the player with the highest five card poker hand.

Some variations of the draw poker games include a wild card. In the case of a wild card, a five of a kind hand is possible. Other takes on the game allow players to draw four cards if they have an Ace in their hand. Finally, some people and places prefer to play 5 card draw poker with two rounds of card exchanges. This happens after the betting round that follows the first card exchange. Players may select up to another 3 cards to exchange for new blood. You might see a lot of variations of the draw poker games. Some of them will have rules of their own, but what you have read here is the solid rules of the draw poker games.

Now that you are familiar with the draw poker games, ready to play poker? if not yet, read about stud poker.