Blackjack tips

Blackjack is the only card game where you can decrease the house edge if you play carefully and follow a basic blackjack strategy. Learn the blackjack tips and follow them, they can tell you if it is best to hit or stand, split pairs, or double down. Always play blackjack according to blackjack strategy, and avoid the urge to make impulsive bets. Read our blackjack tips and remember them.

Black Jack Tips— play blackjack online

We have a lot of great blackjack tips for you, but the most important of them all is: play blackjack online. When playing blackjack online, you avoid mean spirited or dejected players that bring down the spirit of the table and disturb your game.

Black jack Tips—keep Your Cool

When you are playing blackjack online- keep your cool, if you feel that you are becoming too upset by your losses, take a break. The next blackjack round will wait, no need to hurry.

Every couple of rounds: get up and stretch your legs, getting away from the blackjack table or the computer for a few minutes will clear your head and keep you from making stupid mistakes.

Blackjack Tips— Hit and Stand

Playing blackjack, it is all about deciding if you should hit or stand. Let us examine a few possible hands for you:

1. If you get a 9 or lower- hit. There is no chance that you will win with such a low hand, so take a hit. If your hand is between 10- 16 also hit, only if the dealer’s face up card is a 7 or higher.

2. If you have a 17 or higher- stand. The chances are low that you will be able to take a hit without busting. Stick to 17 and hope that the dealer has a lower hand.

Blackjack Tips- how to handle your game

Here are more online blackjack tips we thought might help you winning at online blackjack:

1. Only use the bankroll you have decided on. If you lost all the money for the specific blackjack day- turn of your computer and do something else, when it is over- it's over.

2. Learn the basic blackjack strategy and the blackjack glossary. Don’t be that blackjack player who can’t decide whether to hit on sixteen with the dealer showing an up card of nine, know all the right answers ahead.

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