Black jack 101:

Casino blackjack games are among the most popular casino games and are available in any casino and online casino. Blackjack is being played in casinos all over the world. Blackjack is a game that requires very little mathematical knowledge, so practically any one can earn money playing blackjack or online blackjack.   

Black jack games:

There are many variations of the blackjack game, a lot of casinos offer their own thrilling variations of blackjack or online blackjack, but the two timeless, most famous blackjack games, which are played throughout the globe, are: the classic blackjack and the European blackjack. To read more and to play these exiting and profitable games, go to classic blackjack or the European blackjack.

Black jack basics:

You probably know that the main target of black jack is to reach the sum of twenty one or as close to it as possible, without crossing 21. If neither you nor the dealer has reached twenty one, the highest hand- wins (the closest to 21 without crossing it).

Playing blackjack or online blackjack you get your cards first, both of them faced up. The dealer holds one face up (up card) and one face down card (hole card).

You can hit and take more cards, until you are satisfied with your hand, then the dealer reveals his hole card and the winner is determined. You can stop taking cards at any time, even when you have 13, if you feel that the next card is going to be 10.

If the dealer concludes with a lower score than you and none of you have reached 21- you win. If your scores are equal, it is a push(tie) and neither wins nor loses. If your score is less than the dealer's score and he does not go over 21, you lose. To read more about how to play online blackjack correctly go to blackjack strategy and blackjack cheat sheet.

Black jack strategy and black jack tips:

We have prepared a lot of great online blackjack strategies and very helpful blackjack tips for you, please read the blackjack strategy and blackjack tips pages.

Black jack - the right plays according the dealer offers:

In blackjack, the dealer offers are depending on the dealer's up card. The dealer might offer Surrender, Insurance or Even Money.

1.The first card (up card) of the dealer is not an Ace.

The dealers offer: Early Surrender. If you don't have a blackjack, you will be offered Surrender. If you will accept surrender, you will lose half of your original bet to finish the hand right then.

2. The first card of the dealer is an Ace.

The dealer Offer:Insurance bet. When the dealer's up card is an ace, and you do not have a blackjack, you are offered an insurance bet. Taking insurance meaning you make a second bet (value is half the original bet) that the dealer has a Blackjack. If the dealer does have a blackjack, you will lose your initial bet but will be paid 2 to 1 on the insurance bet. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose the insurance bet.

Once you choose to accept the insurance bet, the hand is played out. If you bust, the original bet is lost but the insurance bet stays up until the dealer's hand is resolved.

3. The first card of the dealer is an ace and you have a blackjack.

The dealer offer: Even Money. If the dealer's up card is an ace and you have a Blackjack, you are offered even money. Taking even money means that you believe the dealer also will get a Blackjack. When you are taking even money, you are instantly paid 1to1 by doubling your chips amount in the bet circle.

Even money Note: When taking even money, you give up the normal 3to 2 payoff, whether the dealer gets a blackjack or not.

To keep reading about the blackjack strategy and how to play blackjack the right way, please read our blackjack strategy, blackjack tips and blackjack glossary.