Blackjack glossary

You really do not need to be a card counter or a high roller gambler to earn money playing online blackjack. It is much easier then you think. Thousands of people win money playing blackjack, each day of the week. Even though we want to give you some powerful tools, so you will be ready completely.

If you just beginning to play online blackjack, we have prepared for you the full blackjack glossary to help you learn more about the game of blackjack.  Use this blackjack glossary until you are a blackjack pro and keep using it even after This blackjack glossary contains all the blackjack terms you might need to know.

Blackjack glossary- from A to Z


a gambling term which describes the sum of money wagered in a particular time period. Ten bets of 20$ each makes it a 200$ action.


The player who is sitting on the dealer's right hand side. This seat receives its cards last, just before to the dealers receiving his.

Back Counting

card counting though not taking a part in the game. A back counter typically holds off until the best time to enter the game. Casinos often are not allowing new players into the game until the dealer reshuffles the deck.

Back Line

A bet between the blackjack players and not between the player and the house. Those players are called "back-liners".  Many casinos do not allow this activity since the casino does not see a profit.


The money which a blackjack player has set aside specifically for gambling. Bankroll could also mean the amount of money a player puts in a single blackjack game. The casino's bankroll is all the chips in the dealer's rack. Used also as a verb, to "bankroll" a player is to supply him with cash to play blackjack.


To bar a player is To expel (blackball) him from a blackjack game or a casino.

Betting Limits

The lowest and highest bets allowed by the casino at a single game.

Blackjack hand

A hand of an Ace and a 10 value card (10, Jack, Queen or King) with a total score of twenty one.Pays off 3 to 2, with the exception of making such a hand with split Aces.


Taking cards ("hits") and crossing the 21 points limit, also called bust.

Breakable Hand

A hand that can break (exceed 21) with a single card.

Bust Hand

A hand with a score between 12 and 16 that can bust with another card. Also means a hand that will probably bust with another card.

Buy In

The sum of money (cash or chips) with which a player sits down at a blackjack game.

Cut Card

A colored card, which the dealer gives to a player to cut the deck.

Double After Splitting

Double Down bets allowed after splitting pairs.

Double Down

An action where the player may double his first bet and hit only one more card. No more cards can be dealt in that hand after Doubling Down.

Double down for Less

Doubling Down for less money than the first bet. doubling is allowed, the player do not have to double his bet, he can just add any amount equal to or less than (but not greater than) the original bet.

Double On Anything (DOA)

Double Down bets allowed on any two cards.

Even Money

A betting option - if the player has a Blackjack, and the dealer is showing an Ace, presenting a possible Blackjack. Even Money means that the dealer will pay your black jack 1:1 and not 3:2. It assures you a win, although at a lower payout.

Face Card

A jack, Queen or king.

Face Down Game

The dealer will place your first card face up and the second card face down.

First Base

The first seat at a Blackjack table, to the dealer's left hand. The player in this seat is the first to act on his hand.

Hard Doubling

Double down bets allowed on the first two cards if neither of them is an Ace.

Hard Hand

A hand with no Ace or a hand with an Ace that can only be counted as a 1.

Head on

To play a Blackjack table with only the dealer.


If the dealer shows an ace, you can make a side bet of up to half of your main bet. By doing so, you are betting that the dealer have a Blackjack. Insurance bet is paid 2 to 1. If the dealer doesn't have Blackjack, you lose the side bet, and finish the rest of your hand. If the dealer does have a Blackjack, your insurance bet pays of 2 to 1.

Late Surrender

This rule allows surrendering after the dealer has looked at his hand for a blackjack. If the dealer have a Blackjack, you lose the full bet. If dealer does not, you lose half of your main bet.

Natural blackjack

Natural blackjack is when the first two cards you receive give a total score of 21. Such a hand consists of an Ace and a 10 point card.

No Peek

The dealer will not look for Blackjack if his face up card is a Ten.


When the first two cards you receive have the same value. 6 and 6 is a pair.

Pat Hand

A starting hand with a total score of between 17 and 21.Considered strong hands and you should "Stand" on these hands.


The dealer looks to check if he has Blackjack before the player's decision to take more cards. This rule is an advantage for the player since it prevents him from splitting and doubling down.


A tie between the player and the neither win nor lose money.


The Dealer has to stand on all 17, soft or hard.

Single Deck

A blackjack game with only one deck of cards.

Soft Doubling

Double down bets allowed on soft hands.

SME 10

Only tens of the same ranks are allowed to split.  Split of two kings is allowed but not a split of king and jack.

Soft Hand

A hand with an ace that can be valued as a 1 or an 11. For example, an Ace and a four can be counted as five or fifteen. The 15 is thought of as a "soft" 15, because if you will take another card and it came up a ten, you will not cross 21. In that case, your score would turn in to a "hard" 15.


Playing multiple bets. For example, you may place three bets and play three separate hands.


In some blackjack casinos, the player is allowed to give up a half of his primary bet if he doesn't want to bet against the dealer's hand. For example, you bet 20$ and get a 7 and an 8 cards for a total score of 15. The dealer shows a King. If you surrender, you will give back your hand and half of the primary bet.


The highest possible hand in a Blackjack game. Also another name for the blackjack game which is sometimes called 21.

5 or 6 or 7 Card Charlie

5 or 6 or 7 cards with a total score of 21 or less.

That is it for the blackjack glossary. We hope you liked it and will keep using our blackjack glossary even when you will think that you don't really need it.