Blackjack strategy

Online blackjack, which also known to be called 21(check our blackjack glossary for all the terms), is the most popular card game in modern online casinos history. Big part of its popularity comes from the fact that blackjack strategy, actually helps you earning money playing blackjack. Knowing the rules is most important, but to win big at blackjack you must learn the blackjack strategy.

We have prepared for you a winning blackjack strategy, so you will be ready to start earning money playing blackjack. Read the blackjack strategy and become a profitable black jack player.

Blackjack Strategy: Split/ Double Down /Give Up

Blackjack strategy - Split: If your first two cards have the same rank, split them and play as if each card is a separate hand. That way you will have two options to win the hand.

Only use this blackjack strategy if you're starting hand is a pair. Place an equal bet next to your first bet to split your pair.

Blackjack strategy - Double Down: double down means you can take only one additional card.For example: if starting hand is four and seven, total eleven. You are placing an additional bet behind your cards, meaning you want to double down. The dealer will now only give you one more card. If the next card is a queen you will have twenty one (you had 11 from before).

Blackjack double down bets are best when you are starting with a total of ten or eleven.

Blackjack strategy - Surrender: surrender allows you to lose half of the original bet before seeing the hidden card of the dealer. For example: you have a total of fifteen and the dealer have a king as an up card. If you hit again, you risk busting. If you stand, you will probably lose to the dealer with a better hand. In this case your best blackjack strategy is to surrender and only lose half of the bet.

Blackjack strategy - Insurance: If the dealer has an ace as an up card ,he will offer you the chance to make an insurance bet, which can be up to half of the original bet. You will win the insurance bet if the dealer starting hand is a natural.  The insurance bet is a good bet for you only when you also have a natural. This bet will ensure that you will at least get even money (1 to 1) instead of a push (tie). In other cases, don't use this black jack strategy.

Now you know the main blackjack strategy to earn money playing online blackjack. At this point you know more about blackjack and blackjack strategy than 95% of all those who play online blackjack.

Ready to start? Play black jack. Or keep reading more about blackjack.