Roulette strategy and tips:

Some people have the wrong impression about the roulette game. They think since roulette is a game of chance and odds, there is no point in learning roulette strategy to make the odds work for their advantage. Any profitable roulette player will tell you otherwise. Knowing a little roulette strategy will only help you playing rouletteto win and not to play games.

Roulette strategy and tips:

1. Always look for the European roulette (with one zero) and if possible look for the in prison rule roulette table. Playing European roulette you will have a better chance of winning. Why give the casino a spare edge?

2. Bet only small amounts on black or red or other 50% of win bets. They have the best odds of winning the roulette, try to stick to them, you want to go with the odds and not against them. Betting on a single number will give you almost no chances of winning, stay with a 50% percent chance of winning the roulette game.

3. Money management- yes we know, you have heard about it before. We want to talk about it again: deicide exactly how much money you can afford to lose and play according to it. If you lost it- quit and go home (or just start doing something else, since you already home). Money management is the most important roulette strategy of them all, you must learn to control your money.

4. If you win a couple of times, take your money and quit. Turn your online casino virtual money in to real bills, you will love the feeling.

There is no such thing hot hand. If you win for a few rounds, take your winnings and leave the casino (or just turn of the computer), this is very important online roulette strategy.

5. While betting on numbers, always bet on a group of numbers and not a single one. You will have better chance of earning money playing roulette.

6. If you are playing the middle numbers, stick to the same numbers. Don't change your numbers just because you are feeling lucky. Think about it, if you land on a single number, you will be paid 35 to 1. If you play ten numbers, you have covered 1/3 of the board (minus the zero or the two zeros, if you are playing American roulette). If you hit one number (35:1), you have risked 10 but won 25. If you lose, keep playing the same ten numbers again, yes, you may lose three times in a row, but, what are the chances of you not hitting one third of the numbers at least once every four times.

7. In any roulette strategy, in the long run the math is playing against you. The roulette strategy will work say, eight out of ten times, but the winnings from your 8 successful session will not cover your loses from the other losing two times, unless you quit in time, while you ahead. We have already said that, but read it again- money management.

8. Find out if your roulette table offers a small minimum bet and a high maximum bet. Casinos often use the low maximum bets, to prevent players from using roulette strategy effectively or following the roulette system.

If you want to be successful, playing online roulette, you must learn to follow the roulette strategy and getting to know the roulette system.

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