Online Roulette – full, all you need to know Glossary

Our goal is to give you all the information you need, to start earning money playing online roulette, before you start reading about the online roulette strategy, and online roulette system, learn a few roulette terms you should know:


American roulette: a variation of roulette game. The wheel has 38 slots with numbers from 1 to 36, a 0 and 00. This is the classic roulette game. Also look at European roulette which only have 37 slots.


Ball track: the rim around the roulette wheel where the plastic ball spins.

Biased wheel: a roulette wheel with a flaw that causes the same numbers to appear over and over. Usually the problem caused by the casino or the casino software.

Big Number: the number that is hit more than it can be theoretically possible. If it happens, be careful of a biased wheel.

Black action: when the player bets a black chip, worth $100.


Chameleon Strategy: follows the bets of those who are winning, hoping to do the same.

Chasing Loses: when the player has lost a lot of bets and starts betting more and more, hoping to win back all his losses.

Choppy game: game with no constant wins of the players or the casino.

Column bet: a bet on one of the three columns of numbers on the roulette table. Usually has a better chance of winning than a random number bet.

Corner bet: a bet on four numbers, placing a chip in the middle on these four numbers means that you are betting on all four of them.


Double zero (00): a slot present only in American Roulette. Playing American roulette your odds of winning are lower, try to look for the European roulette with a single zero, while looking to play online roulette.

Dozen bet(twelve bet): a bet on any of the three groups of 12 numbers.


European online roulette: the same European roulette game played on the computer in virtual casino.

En prison rule: the surrender rule in European roulette. If the ball lands on 0, the player can take half of his outside bets back or keep the stake in prison, for the next roulette spin. If the bet is still in prison and the next round brings a win to the player, he takes his bet back, if not � the bet is lost. This a big reason why the European roulette is a better roulette game than the American roulette, you have better odds to earn money.

European roulette: roulette game with only 37 slots (numbers from 1 to 36 and a 0 slot). The better version of roulette, the American roulette has extra zero, which lowers your chances to win.


Five number bet: an American roulette bet, you can bet on five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) at the same time. This bet obviously has a better chance of winning, although it pays less.


House edge: the casinos money maker. The casino is not always winning, but the casino is always winning in the long term, according the big numbers rule.

High bet: a bet on a group of numbers from 19 to 36.


Inside bet: a bet on one of the numbers inside the roulette table layout.


La portage rule: rule of the European roulette. if the ball lands on a zero, you may take back half of your original bet.

Low bet: Roulette bet on small numbers 1 to 8.


Martingale System: one of the oldest roulette strategies, suggests betting on even bets and doubling on every lose to win back all the losses and even more.


Non Value Chip: the roulette chip has no real value of its own. His value depends on the amount of chips taken in the buy in.


Online roulette: the same roulette game, played online instead of a long drive to Vegas.

Orphans: a bet in European roulette casinos. You can bet on three numbers that are close to each other on the roulette wheel. (As 6, 3, 17).

Outside bet: roulette bet on red or black, low vs. high, odd/even. Those bets have an even money payout.


Parlay: roulette strategy that suggests leaving the previous bet on the table and adding a new one for the next roulette spin.

Pinching: removing chips from the betting roulette table when the ball has already stopped- this is illegal.


Quarter bet: roulette bet on four numbers, also called Corner bet.


Red bet: bet on all the red numbers.

Roulette strategy: special methods used by players to improve their odds and decrease the amount of losses.

Roulette table: a table used for roulette game that consists of the layout and the roulette wheel.

Roulette wheel: a wheel used at the roulette game and contains numbered slots. The numbers are placed to make even probability for all the numbers. The wheel moves clockwise and stops when the ball which spins in the opposite direction lands on one of the slots.


Six number bet: you can bet on six numbers that are close to each other on the roulette table.

Split bet: you can bet on two numbers close to each other on the roulette table.

Straight bet: a bet on a single number. Has a chance of 1 to 37 to win in European roulette or a chance of 1 to 38 in American roulette.

Street bet: a bet on three numbers.

Surrender rule: also known the En prison rule in European roulette.


Wheel Clocking: watching over the roulette wheel to see if there are any patterns or bias.

Now that you are familiar with the roulette glossary, you may be ready to start playing roulette.

If you are not ready yet, read about roulette strategy and roulette system.

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