Roulette system:

It doesn't matter if you are playing American roulette online or European roulette online, in order to start earning money online, you need to know how the roulette system works and most important: have your own online roulette system. We have prepared a roulette system for you to learn but first: ever heard the phrase the house always wins?

The casino always wins?

First of all the casino is not always winning. The casino is winning most of the times because of the roulette odds, which are established by the roulette casino itself.

But what do you care if the casino wins most of the times? You should only care about those times you play the roulette. In those times you can definitely beat the casino and take home the earnings. All you need is a roulette system.

If you bet on black playing online roulette, your chances should be fifty percent of winning, but it is not like that. Because of the zero or the zero and a double zero, there is a possibility that the ball will land on one of the zeros, which neither of them is black or red. That possibility is decreasing your chances. If you win a roulette round, your paid as if you were betting on one out of two, but actually you are choosing one out of three possibilities. This is how the casino or the online casino always wins, it has a little edge.

If the roulette casino has an edge can I steel win?

Yes of course, if you have a roulette system you can win. The casino is always winning, only when you are using the big numbers low. If you check the roulette statistics after 10,000 bets you will see that the casino won most of them. But you will also see a long series of players who earned money playing online roulette. You don't care about the general statistic of the online roulette, you only care about taking home your profits. Few basic online roulette systems and you will be ready to start earning money.

Roulette system

The Martingale roulette system - if your first roulette bet is 1 $ and you lose, the next bet should be 1 x 2= 2 $. That way if you win the next roulette round, you will earn your money back and will have an extra 1$.

If you lose the second bet as well, your third bet should be 2 x 2$= 4$, that way if you win the next round you will get your money back and will have an extra 1$.

If you lose the next roulette bet should be 2 x 4$ = 8$, that way if you win the next roulette round, you will earn all of your money back and will have an extra 1$.

Get the point? No matter how many roulette rounds you will lose, in the end you will win one round that will give you a profit for all the loosing rounds. After five rounds or fifteen rounds of roulette you will beat the casino and take home the money.

Important tip 1You should always check if the roulette casinos you are playing have a maximum bet limit. A maximum bet limit means that, the casino tries to prevent you from doubling your bets after a certain amount.

Important tip 2in our example we used x 2, you do not have to do it. You can double your bets by 2.5 or by 3 or by 10. If you double by 10 each roulette round, eventually, you will win a lot more.

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