Poker glossary

One of the first things you should know, in order to win money playing poker is the poker glossary, it is of course crucial to know all the poker terms, what exactly every poker term means. We have prepared a poker glossary for you, so you can start earning money playing poker. Please read our poker glossary and all the other poker info and you will be able to start earning money playing poker.

The full poker glossary

Ante - Ante is a pre hand bet placed by all the poker players. It is the price of participating in a poker hand.

Bet - The bet is the sum of money you willing to risk n each specific poker hand.

Blind – can replace the word ante, this is a bet placed by the player who sits to the left of the dealer before the hand is starting.

Bluff - Bluffing is when you are betting aggressively even though you have a weak hand, in an attempt to get the other poker players to fold. bluffing is very important do not give up on it, it is not lying.

Bug - A bug is a joker, in some games it is used as a wild card. Sometimes it is a limited wild card, in those cases the joker acts as an ace. If the joker is the fifth card needed to complete a flush or a straight, it becomes whichever card is needed.

Call - To call is to place in the game pot the amount needed to match the previous bets made for that specific betting round. For example if the player on your right bets a 1$, in order to stay in the game you need to place a 1$ bet.

Check - A check is a bet on nothing. If no bets have been made during the current betting round, on your turn, you also can bet nothing, and pass the bet to the player on your left.If every poker players checks all around the table, the betting round ends.

Fold - To fold is to forfeit the hand if you think your cards are not good enough to win. When you fold, you don't put any more money into the game pot.

Hand - A one meaning of a hand is a combination of cards that is compared to the other player's hands to check who wins. The word hand can also mean a single round of poker.

Pot - The pot is the money prize for the player who wins a hand of poker.

Raise – if you raise the bet, you increase the amount of the bet for the betting round. For example: the player to your right bets 10$. You can call the 10$ bet, and then raise it by another 10$. You can place $20 into the pot. The next player to your left would have to call the 20$ to stay in the hand.

Showdown - The showdown means the end of the hand in a poker game, when all the poker players show their cards to see who has the best hand.

Wild card - A wild card is card whose value is decided by the player holding it. Usually it means the joker, which sometimes used in a specific poker games.

Now you are familiar with the poker glossary terms, want to start playing poker? If not yet, keep reading and learning about the ranks of hands in poker.