Texas holdem Poker bankroll management

There is nothing more important to the aspiring professional, or even the seasoned amateur, than proper poker bankroll management. It is generally accepted that for no limit you need at least twenty buy ins and that for fixed limit you want three hundred times the big bet; if you are a winning player, this should bring your chance of going broke down to a few percentage points. this is a big part of Pokerstrategy

There is no such thing as a too conservative approach to bankroll management. Many players refuse to play in a game where they do not have a hundred buyins; while this is a very conservative approach it underscores the fundamental premise to winning poker: short term risk, long term certainty. Like games of chance, poker has a great deal of variance; it is entirely possible (and all too common) to make the right decision and get a bad result but unlike games of chance over the long run proper play will certainly win.

Practicing good bankroll management for poker is undeniably important. It allows you the proper perspective on your game, protects you from a rash of bad luck and keeps you playing when you are most profitable. It is especially important if you have dreams of becoming a professional because as a pro bad bankroll management can lead not only to professional failure, but disastrous consequences for your personal life as well. if you want to have a good Pokerstrategy, you must managing your money correctly.

There are always risks in anything and poker is of course no different but good bankroll management can minimize your risks and maximize your profits. Sticking to the standard rules of three hundred times the big bet (not the big blind remember) in limit and twenty buyins for no limit is just the start; feel free to adjust further (that is to have more money, more buyins and more big bets for your level) if your tolerance for risk is lower. If you like playing in MTT's please read our article on poker tournament bankroll management.